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Standard scrapers – especially well suited for materials that remain in the product flow

When you want to remove product residue from conveyors and allow it to remain in the product flow, our standard scraper is the best choice. The geometry of the scraper is designed so that it not only scrapes the conveyor efficiently, gently and thoroughly, but also creates little resistance in the product flow due to the optimised angle geometry.

Standard scrapers are the simplest solution to remove product residue from conveyors and rolls. Commonly chosen as a front or drum scraper, installation is fast and uncomplicated – even in case of retrofitting.


Universal scraper – especially well suited for challenging products

If you require a solution for challenging products such as sugar icing, chocolate (particles) etc., our universal scraper is the right choice. This scraper type is installed on the return side underneath the conveyor and pressed against the conveyor surface being scraped by means of torsion elements installed in the supporting tube.

This type of positioning assures optimum contact with the conveyor surface as well as consistent conveyor tension. The universal conveyor is geometrically “stronger” along the back, which means it can be pressed against the conveyor or roll surface with much greater force.


The installation height of our scrapers depends on factors such as the available space, required pressing force and the conveyor or roll width.

Scrapers with an installation height of up to 70 mm are generally deployed with an overall width of up to 1,100 mm, installation height of 100 mm up to an overall width of 1,500 mm and installation height of 125 mm up to an overall width of 2,500 mm.

Depending on the application, the bending stiffness of the scraper can be increased by means of a stronger supporting tube or welded reinforcing elements at an overall width of 1,500 mm and up.


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Standard Scrapers



Universal Scrapers