Special problems – special solutions


Various products and production processes require different scrapers. The extensive practical experience we have accumulated has allowed us to complete numerous custom fabrication projects: solutions optimised to meet your special requirements on site.

Talk to us – we will gladly come for a visit in order to optimise your process in cooperation with you.

Universal scraper


Universal scrapers in a reinforced version, for belt widths up to 2500 mm

Scrapers with reinforced supporting tube version


Scrapers with reinforced supporting tube version

Abstreifer für Temperaturen bis 250°C


Belt scraper made of thermoplastic base material:

Next to excellent gliding properties and very high hydrolysis resistance, this scraper is easy on the belt and can be used in a temperature range of -200°C to +250°C.

Abstreifer Atex 95


Polyethylene belt scraper:

This scraper is extremely resistance to wear, even with abrasive products, and also suitable for applications subject to Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95).

Heatable scrapers


Heatable scrapers:

Standard series scraper equipped with interior heating (400W/24V for an overall length of 800mm). This scraper is easily heated to approximately 80°C and was developed for products that solidify when they cool to room temperature (e.g. chocolate, grease, tallow …).

Scraper in a “flying” arrangement


Scraper in a “flying” arrangement:

Universal scraper mounted on one side. Once again the torsion element is arranged in the supporting tube. This scraper layout is used e.g. for inlet belt conveyors (chocolate bars, confectionery) to packaging machines or as a side scraper for wide conveying systems.

Universal scraper as a product position adapter


Universal scraper as a product position adapter:

In addition to its function as product position adapter for liquid chocolate mass, this scraper also cleans the steel conveyor. Since the scraper is pre-tensioned by the torsion element arranged in the supporting tube, it compensates for unevenness in the belt surface. The scraper is also equipped with a heater in order to prevent cooled, solidified chocolate mass from adhering.

Standard-Abstreifer mit außen angebrachtem Torsionselement


Standard scraper with exterior torsion element:

The scraper merely has to be mounted, set to the contact pressure required for the product by means of the eccentric unit and then locked. It can be removed for cleaning without the use of tools.